About Delmal

When Maria discovered the weaving mill enclosed by high walls in Addis Ababa rather by chance, the colourful cloths on the clothesline were waving in the wind. Ethiopian Silk and the rough cotton that reflects the country so well. DELMAL is as tangy as the scent of roasted coffee, as vibrant as the markets in Addis, as warm as Ethiopian hospitality and as proud as the people behind the products.


Maria is the founder of DELMAL, a Viennese label that brings Ethiopian handicrafts from local producers to Europe. It all started in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The city is home to countless weaving mills that make Ethiopian handicrafts world-famous. In 2016, the first clothes for DELMAL were produced in one of these weaving mills. Meantime Maria works together with various producers across the entire country. Maria has Croatian roots, works as a doctor in Vienna and has a deep relationship with Ethiopia. 18 years ago she adopted two children from Ethiopia. Therefore the name of the label (DELMAL) stands for the initials of her two children. Over the years, she has been involved in several projects for the country and its people. DELMAL is an attempt to trade at eye level. The goal is to establish Ethiopian handicrafts in Europe and to enable fair trade structures in favour of the local producers.


Each product of DELMAL is crafted by hand and is one of a kind. Maria selects the products from small manufacturers that she visits during her travels. All workers are insured and receive a fair wage. The products are Fairtrade certified and are only produced on demand to avoid surplus goods. The silk of the shawls is produced in the weaving mill and the cotton is sourced from local plantations. DELMAL’s shawls are also a women’s project. With the exception of the predominantly male weavers, the rest of the production of the shawls, from the designs to the silkworm breeding to the dyeing, is in female hands. The weaving mill is owned by two Ethiopian women. Thus DELMAL supports female producers and guarantees their economic independence. Due to the use of high-quality materials and the experienced hands of the producers, DELMAL products are durable and of high quality.

DELMAL is for everyone who wants to carry a part of this continent with them and who loves high-quality, fairly produced products. Delmal strives to create a trustful partnership with local producers at eye level.